YS26-450/200 Ton Hydraulic Punch/Trim Press


The structure of the machine is three beams, four columns, with the cylinder on top. It is suitable for pressing plastic materials, punching, forming and bending of metal sheet. It also can be connected to YR27 sheet forming hydraulic press to form a plate production line of heat exchanger.

The machine has independent power mechanism and electric control system. It has centralized button- control system with manual and semi-auto work modes for selection. The working pressure and the work feed speed can be adjusted. The action of cylinder quick down, work feed, increasing pressure and return etc. can be done by this machine. The working performance is stable. It is suitable for punching and forming of heat exchanger sheet.

Main Parameters Unite Value
Nominal Force Tonnage 450
Pressure Mpa 28.5
Stroke mm 200
Speed of sider block  Closing Speed mm/s 50
 Clamping Speed mm/s 12
 Opening Speed mm/s 60
Daylight Height (Max) mm 600
Return force mm 400
Worktable (length*width) mm 1500×1680
Motor Power KW 30
Outline size of main machine (L*W*H) mm 2000x1680x2700