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  • The YR27 Sheet Forming Hydraulic Press is mainly used for forming large sheet shell such as titanium, stainless steel and heat exchanger plate, etc. It also can be used for forming large cover parts.

    • From Loading, Decoiler to Straightener
    • From Punching, Stamping to Cutting
    • Servo & Control System ensure the Precision
    • We offer PHE-plates One-step Solution

  • YR26 Steel Wire Rope Sling Hydraulic Press is designed with the structure of pre-tension wire wound type which ensures reliable operation, small dimension and light weight. It is perfectly used for pressing Steel Wire Rope Sling.

  • SYHP’s hydraulic presses are widely used in manufacturing industries including building & construction material, petrochemical, ship building, aerospace, rubber, plastics and defense projects etc.

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We are SYHP, One of the China Top Hydraulic Press Manufacturer.

Since 1965, we are specially good at manufacturing hydraulic press and complete auto-production line from 1,000 ton to 40,000 ton for metal forming such as titanium, stainless steel heat exchanger plate ,closed die forging, open die forging,wire rope sling press, PTFE TEFLON molding press, fibre cement board press, and large cover parts etc. Our Ultra-high pressure presses also widely used in heavy industry such as thick steel plate forming, cold extruding forming etc. We will thoroughly analyze your requirements and needs to find the best solution for your business.

"We grow up with our customers.Your success is ours"
-President Message

Why choose us?

  • 50 years experience focus on hydraulic presses only
  • Specializing in supplying PHE’s industry
  • Competitive price
  • High precision pressing guaranteed
  • Ongoing support after sales

PHE's Plates Production Line in India

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Hydraulic Press for pressing PHE plates in Europe

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Plate Heat Exchanger Production Line in China

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