We are,

  • One of the largest and most reputable hydraulic press machine and wire winding technology manufacturers in China

  • More than 50 years of experience and excellence in designing and manufacturing premium quality hydraulic machine

  • First in China to build 36,000 ton press in 2009 and 68,000 ton press project in 2011.

  • First in China manufacturing wire winding 10,000 ton heat exchange plate press machine since 1985

We do,

  • Specializing in supplying heat exchanger industry and producing hydraulic press machine and production line for plate heat exchanger and large sheet metal components ranging from 1,000 ton to 40,000 ton capacity

  • Hydraulic Press Product line includes 21 categories and over 60 models

  • Supplying hydraulic system to Chinese government and defense projects

  • Distributed globally to countries in Asia, Middle East, South America and Europe.

We have,

  • Honored Postdoctoral Research Station for Chinese best university in science-Tsinghua University

  • ISO9001

  • CE Certification¬†

Our manufacture base in China is a member of Chinese Forging Association and Shenyang Equipment Manufacturing Industry Association. We have two main factories which is 20,000 square meter and 140,000 square meter, including more than 200 employee and 26 advance technical engineers. We have 68 sets machining equipments including 8-meter vertical lathes, 10-meter horizontal lathes, floor boring machines, other equipment, etc.

We provide best service and consulting to our international customers.We will thoroughly analyze your requirements and custom made the machine. You are also very welcome to visit us in our China factory.