Last month, we delivered another 30,000 ton hydraulic press for plate heat exchanger production. This is the second 30,000 ton PHE press we made this year. The customer produced 3550mm long heat exchanger plate during acceptance of the machine. The Max. tolerance rate is less than 0.1mm after stamping. Recent year, the PHE market has strong demand for large plate. The customers require large plate one stroke forming. It has to be done by 20,000-40,000 ton capacity hydraulic with long table size. SYHP R&D the long table hydraulic press by more than 30 years experience in PHE industry and now we can provide a satisfied hydraulic press machine and manufacture high quality PHE plate successfully. Because of the wire winding technology of SYHP, the investment of such big hydraulic press is acceptable. We believe the market of this type of big plate will develop.

Shenyang Heavy Forge Hydraulic Press Manufacturing Ltd.