SYHP installed UHMWPE Sheet and Plastic Molding Hydraulic press in customer factory. UHMWPE Sheet need be produced by heat pressing around 120-150 C for a very long time and then by cold pressing again to finish. SYHP design heat oil go through mould for quick heat up UHMWPE powder and then cold oil go through the mould again for quick cooling down pressing. The pressure will be hold from low to high during this time for several hours. This model of hydraulic press is used for pressing around 1×4 meter, 1.2×3 meter UHMWPE Sheet. There is also big model for pressing 1×6 meter or 2×6 meter UHMWPE Sheet. Beside UHMWPE, this type of hydraulic press can also produce armor or bulletproof sheet, composite material moulding forming etc. heat pressing production process.

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