This week we delivered one set of 15000-ton press. This press is used for stamping plates for the plate heat exchanger.

This 15000-ton press was customized by Kelvion-GEA, it’s designed with double frames and double cylinders according to the customer’s requirement of large-size working table size. The press is designed with wire-winding technology. Compared with other traditional press structures, there is no deformation and stress concentration in the wire winding frame, so that the resistance to fatigue properties increased dramatically, the working life of wire winding body can be more than 20-30 years working life; the safety of the whole press structure is much higher; the oversize and weight of the press is reduced by more than 30-40%, which greatly reduces the investment cost.

The customer inspected this 15000-ton press in our factory before delivery. After testing, the precision of the plates stamped by this press is very high, which fully meets the customer’s requirements.

In the past two years, more and more 15000-ton presses have been ordered by our customers and put into the plate heat exchanger industry. &

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