Our Technology: Prestress Steel Wire Winding Technology

Our cylinders and frames are wound with of pre-stressed wire to ensure the safest and most reliable pressure containment system available today. With only compressive forces occurring in the frame, fatigue properties are excellent and the risk of crack propagation is eliminated. Our award winning technology of pre-stressed wire winding cylinders and frames is a highlight of our R&D excellence. This is an advanced technology even in the world stage.

There are following features:

1. Fatigue properties are excellent. The frame and cylinder have more than 15 year service life.

2. Loading stress properties are excellent. The wires bear the force instead of stress concentration. It ensure the containment system more safe and reliable.

3. Decrease the cost. This technology significantly decrease the weight of machine compared with traditional structure and cut the cost.

4. Avoid crack risk. This design utilizes the wire (normally in thousands metes) wound around the forged piece core of a frame and cylinder to make sure the machine can work continuously in a long time without crack risk.


  • In 2009, we participated and manufactured the frame and cylinder of world’s biggest set, China self-developed-36,000 ton vertical extruder by our prestress  steel wire wound technology. (Click the News)
  • In 2011, we participated and manufactured a special muti-function press. The press has 68,000T capability and 22 meters high.The video showed our Robot is manufacturing the frame of the press by wire winding technology.