Last month, USA customers approved our 3000 ton PTFE hydraulic press in our factory. This PTFE TEFLON Moulding Sheet hydraulic press is used for PTFE sheet and slab moulding forming. 3000 ton capacity can produce around 1200x1200mm PTFE sheet. The max. thickness is around 70mm. We also have other model such as 6000 ton PTFE hydraulic press which can produce 1500x1500mm size sheet or even larger sheet by higher capacity. The hydraulic press frame is made of wire winding technology and casting steel material, which can reduce the overall size of the machine but better quality. After feeding the PTFE powder in the mould outside, the mould can move inside and start to press. The pressure will go from fast adding pressure, slow adding pressure or release air, holding pressure. After finishing the pressing, the mould will go outside and eject the sheet out of mould. The whole production is automation to finish. One big cylinder and very small deflection of working table can guarantee pressure distribute even in each side of sheet. The final product quality can be guarantee.

Below are the photos of this press without painting.

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