YRB-3000/5000/10000/15000/20000 TON Closed Die Forging Hydraulic press

The machine is perfectly used for closed die metal forging and other hot forging products such as aerospace aluminum alloy, automobile wheel, titanium alloy forging etc. The frame of machine utilized pretension wire wound technology structure. Pretension wire wound technology ensures a far more reliable system in the world. Comparing with other traditional structure, wire wound structure have the advantage of smaller size, light weight, no stress concentration and more fatigue resistant. The working life of wire wound structure is normally more than 50 years. In addition, the pressure force is closed inside wire wound structure frame. There is no additional force transfer to the ground. The foundation of machine is very easy and cost saving.

The mechanical part of the machine is made of large casting steel and forging steel. The machine can achieve high effective forging production with high precision forming quality. The frame is designed for strong resistance eccentric load capability. The slider is guide by X type guide rail and controlled by sensor to achieve precision stroke or precision pressure. The machine has independent electric control system and hydraulic system. The electric system is operated by PLC program and is controlled by touch screen and buttons. Working pressure, stroke and pressing speed etc. can be adjusted by the Human Interface display screen. In the production process, it also can connect with robot to achieve automation. In order to ensure the safe operation, the return mechanism can make the slider stop at any position, and raster safety protection device, emergency buttons are set up on the machine.  Hydraulic control system has overload protection, and hydraulic pressure control. The hydraulic press has temperature alarm device and cooling system, which make sure the machine works at suitable temperature and safe operation.